Friday, May 21, 2021

Living in Love: Jas and Bari's Pre-Wedding Session { Kapatagan }

It can take a moment for two lives to collide and change forever. Chances are the attraction is instant. But to pursue a life-long friendship built on trust and love takes sincerity of intentions. It took a moment for Jas and Bari to find each other in a conference for young Moro professionals working towards peaceful co-existence in present society. They gravitated towards each other. Days after meeting, Bari mustered the courage to ask Jas if he could visit her in University of Sto. Tomas where she was studying. 

Jas recalls Bari always being there as a friend. Bari helped Jas pull through her student life’s challenges from creating a student organization to rehearsing her medical interview. While Jas was serving her hospital duties as a doctor, Bari made time from his work as a diplomat to bring her food. 

They became each other’s best friends, not shying away from having good arguments, to challenge themselves and to deepen their understanding of each other. Honest conversations and sincere actions fueled their eight years of friendship. It was through this that their relationship grew beyond courtship. They were not just lovers, but friends who cared for each other. They were no longer strangers, but family. When Jas’ parents each had their own health problems, Bari was there. Jas also would be there for Bari in his tough times.

“You decide to work on it every single time it's difficult to stay in love. We work hard on keeping the relationship as much as we work hard to reach our dreams. We have a meeting. We identify the problem and we try to solve it together. Always with the mindset of wanting to solve it. Of staying together at the end of the day,” Jas reflects.

After eight years of friends,  Bari and Jas are moving forward to the next chapter in their lives together. We are honored to take their pre-nuptial session with them in Kapatagan. As avid travelers, Jas and Bari enjoyed our outdoor locations. 

But it was a rare occasion for the couple to be on long exposure to the camera. Jas has disclosed that Bari prefers more the unobstucted, raw experience of being in the moment in a place. During their travels, Bari would limit their picture -taking time to 5 minutes, in order to fully experience the trip outside of the impulsive documentation of photography. He finds it's better to remember how it felt, than how it looked. For him to fully participate in the pre-nuptial photography session is a gift for both. 

Beyond the wardrobe changes, the scene set-ups, and the technical effects of making rain on set, the pre-nup session was a glimpse into the tenderness of Jas and Bari’s relationship as a couple and as bestfriends. The behind the scenes showed us what Bari meant with his sentiments on feeling more than seeing. Working and being around Jas and Bari gave us a sense of comfort that two long-time friends could have the depth of living around each other and with each other. There is only so much and so little we can show in our photos. Their love goes beyond images. Their love is lived every moment.

Location: Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines


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