Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Seasons of Change, Seasons of Growth: A Portrait of Hester in the Netherlands

This is Hester, a remarkable 94-year-old Dutch woman who lights up a room with her smile and stories. Living independently in her apartment, Hester embodies the spirit of resilience. Though her age might suggest a slowing down, her positive outlook and active spirit keep her going strong.

Despite living solo, Hester tackles her days with gusto - cooking, managing her home, and even taking care of grocery shopping! Her passion for life is infectious, and her love for sharing stories shines through.

As a photographer, I'm honored to capture her essence. This portrait transcends the walls of her room, aiming to become a lasting memory for Hester's family, a window into the remarkable woman she is. May her story, her smile, and her endless optimism continue to uplift all who encounter it.

I have been blessed with 94 years on this earth. Ninety years of deepening my roots, and of stretching my branches towards the sky. 

Every day, I look forward to waking up to the sun, to the faces of my loved ones. I have seen many season changes, and shed a handful of leaves and broken some branches throughout. But I persist. I have grown many rings in my heart, and my soul has weighed more with each passing decade. 

I have spent precious 51 years with my husband until his death. I continue to spend golden time with my children and granddaughter. I waste no time. I have all the time to receive love and give love. 
They say I have lived a fulfilled life. I say I have lived it to the best I can. I have all the time to grow still. There are more mornings to wake up to with my family. I have more sunrises and sunsets to see. 

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Finding Magic in the Mundane: Apple & Jayson's Pre-Wedding Session in South Cotabato

Apple and Jayson met a year and 4 months ago, one afternoon during a Sunday Resurrection of their church. They were introduced by their leaders.

The length of time they knew each other may no longer hold as much significance in their story. For however long or brief their courtship may be, is not the crux of their love story. 

They've found God in the details. Each moment spent with each other is sacred. Conversations are no longer small or big, but significant. It is being present, and staying committed. 

Jayson sees Apple as his support system. She is there when he needs someone to talk to. She is there when he needs to achieve a goal. She is there when he is hurt. She is there when he needs someone to show his vulnerabilities.

"Every day, we choose each other," Apple says.

Indeed, love is intentional. It is commitment to the minutiae as much as the bigger picture. Every moment is striving towards the love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, to foster patience and to be kinder, even when their preferences and attitudes collide.
Jayson makes an effort resolve their arguments before the day ends. He considers her views as much as her welfare. He listens and understands.

Jayson and Apple will spend their lifetimes by each other's side. Time passes when building a life together. What matters is finding the sublime language of love in the mundane.