Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Live, Laugh, Love: Michael and Geneza's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

In most things in the natural world, a certain sourness develops as things age. Some come with hints of sweetness like wine and whiskey. But some things never lose their sweetness, like love grown over time and over distance. Geneza and Michael have been together for five years, and even their long-distance relationship has only served to tighten their bond.

Geneza and Michael were batchmates who barely knew each other in high school. They had common friends – Michael was friends with Geneza’s barkada, and vice versa. Years later, in college, they found each other at a coffee shop. Their eyes met, and they reconnected. The rest is their history as a couple.

Our session with Geneza and Michael was one for the books. Our sets were filled with laughter from bride to crew with Michael, the groom delivering the punch lines. But for Michael, it is Geneza who makes him laugh. With both putting high value on laughter as the best medicine, we can pretty much guess how their relationship has sailed well. 


With Geneza and Michael’s lighthearted company, we breezed through three locations and several wardrobe changes as if they were child’s play. The work has been light, but our hearts are full with laughter and love. 

It’s sweet and romantic in Amandari Cove – a lovers’ stroll under the trees. 

It’s cool and playful in Notre Dame of Dadiangas IBED. Nostalgic too, when their connection started on the very grounds of the campus. 

It’s intimate and comforting in Geneza and Michael’s own turfs. Michael’s house is the backdrop of one set, while Geneza’s sister’s store is a stopover for a favorite sweet snack.

It’s an exhilarating ride in Ngilay Range that turns hopeful and dreamy. The rest will be their history to make. The rest will be filled with love, laughter, and light. 



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