ACCESS YOUR MEMORIES RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Your event photo and video proofs are meant to be enjoyed for the generations to come. These priceless and special moments deserve to be immortalized and preserved in a beautiful medium that is easily accessible. The Walking Eyes brings you only the best, chicly and tastefully designed event and pre-event proofs, photo books, albums and keepsakes – a great opportunity to share your visual story with friends and family.

12 x 14 , 20 Pages Pastel Album, 8 x 10 Pre-Wedding Keepsake, 100 Pcs 4r prints, Floral Tin Can, 8 GB USB, Gratitude Card

12 x 12, 20 Pages Acrylic Cover, 100 Pcs. 4r Prints, Floral Tin Can, 8 GB USB, Gratitude Card

A Closer Look of our 4R prints with white border

12 x 12, 20 Pages Acrylic Cover Album

8 x 10,  20 Pages Deep Black Leather Album

Photo Book / Album ( weddings, birthdays, christenings, maternity ) There's some sort of spiritual time travel that only pictures can do, and there's no other ritual that can be as beautiful than leafing through the old wedding album. Each page bears different surprises, different quirkiness, loveliness, and beauty; Each page not more than the other; All equally breathtaking and mysterious; A de ja vous on paper. It strikes you when it strikes you and you'll only know whatever that is until when you're leafing through your own wedding album. Clients have a wide selection of hardbound albums to choose from: deep black leather, acrylic cover and pastel. The common sizes of these custom photo books are 8 x 10, 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 and choice of 20, 30 and 40 for number of pages.

Pre-event / Pre- wedding Keepsake ( engagement sessions, pre-birthday, pre-christening ) Miss out on that paper origami that you have been wanting to add as part of your table decor, but don't dare miss out on this Pre-Wedding Guestbook Keepsake. With 8x10 size, 10 pages, 0.25cm thick page, matte finish, and printed back-to-back with artistically and tastefully edited photos, you would make any guests writing their names on it feel like a totally special and surreal experience.Unlike albums, a keepsake has a space that allows guests to scribble some messages or just put on their printed name on there.

As with each turning of page, you feel that same intense feelings of joy and happiness of that moment which could easily pass as your most important memory as a couple. The memory of that occasion which officially marks the start of the journey; the beginning of forever. So when kids come in, problems arise, and love doesn't feel the same way anymore, go back to this and allow it burn the furnace of forever in love again. It's fun and more personal thus make it more valuable.  

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