What makes The Walking Eyes  photo session the best experience there is?

The answer is not the kind of equipment we have, but the people, OUR TEAM, working behind all the action.

We like to tell stories. We like to tell YOUR STORY.

We tell your story the way you want it told. We listen to your preferences, and provide you with knowledgeable opinions and advice, and services for what you need.

We, The Walking Eyes Team, is a fun and creative lot. We are millennials who engage you with our inventive ideas, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We make sure that the way we tell your story is unique and personal. With our fresh eyes and innovative ideas, we generate matchless photos  of your story.

We tell your story through the lens of the camera, capturing the candid moments of happiness and excitement over a wedding engagement, a young girl celebrating a birthday, a debutante coming-of- age, and other milestones in your life. We like to preserve your crucial life moments by using creative storytelling and photojournalistic processes.

We are attentive to the flow of personal events we are invited to cover—a bride walking on the aisle to the altar, a debutante spinning in the dance floor with the cotillon, a birthday girl blowing the candle on the cake—those moments, which matter to you, matter to us, too. We are always on our toes, at every event, packed with energy, and ready to capture on photo those fleeting moments of happiness.

We collaborate with you on how to best translate your emotions and the gravity of the occasion into digital media, for you to relive and relish your crucial life moments for the rest of your life. We are flexible with our time, resources, and PATIENCE, to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience in making moments happen.

Most importantly, we care about you. We care that you get to enjoy the precious memory-making of the time of your lives. We are excited to immortalize YOUR STORY and share OUR VISION to the world. Walk with us soon!