Friday, February 26, 2021

GenSan's Sugoi Takoyaki: An Authentic Takoyaki Experience

Eating Sugoi Takoyaki takes me back to Namba, Osaka on my first trip to Japan. I had eaten takoyaki in my hometown before. But the takoyaki I had known were the vegetarian type - a mix of flour, spices, and vegetables. Their taste are enhanced with the combination of sauces of mayonnaise and ketchup squeezed atop them. They are the adapted progeny- the Filipino version of the takoyaki I was eating on a small takoyaki spot in Osaka, the birthplace of takoyaki. Their biggest difference was the Osaka takoyaki had baby octopus. It made a world of difference in taste and texture. Sweetness amd umami rolled in my tongue. The balls were soft and melted in the mouth. Now, I feel lucky to have the same experience eating Sugoi Takoyaki right in Gensan. Sugoi Takoyaki delivers the authentic takoyaki taste and texture in its seven (7) different kinds of takoyaki namely; Regular, Quail, Chizu, Octobits, Octochizu, and the famous Supremo/whole baby octo.

 My mouth waters just thinking about the burst of flavors in my mouth when I take a bite of Sugoi Takoyaki. I feel transported back to that day Namba, Osaka, when I took my first bite of Japanese takoyaki. It's nothing short of amazing.


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