Thursday, July 29, 2021

Love Over Time: Jose and Gerly's Pre-Wedding Session in General Santos City

Consistency is key when it comes to love, says both mobile gaming enthusiasts and dog lovers, Gerly and Jose. But consistency, in this sense, is not just about building a routine in a relationship. It is instead about consistency with one’s best values. Trust and respect are values both Gerly and Jose both cherish and maintain as pillars in their relationship.

They are also each other’s pillar, supporting each other and bringing each other’s best. 

Jose, a doctor, loves Gerly’s patient nature, how she can deepen her understanding of circumstances, and of themselves. It takes two to tango after all, but time should be given to warm up, and to learn the dance steps. 

Gerly, a manager, cherishes Jose’s kindness and dedication. Jose offers his love as an act of service. There is mindfulness to his actions and words. His presence is always comforting.

Both are at the point of achieving personal and relational stability. This shows in their calm and assured countenance temperament as a couple. In our photo session, they were the embodiment of elegance in simplicity. They prove that loving does not need grand gestures. Loving can be found and expressed in small, consistent things built over time. With patience, trust, and respect, the pillars of a loving relationship are strengthened – a home that can withstand the test of time.


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