Friday, January 1, 2021

Together we walk, Together we dance: RZ and Anne's Pre-Wedding Session { Lake Sebu }

There are no usual paths in love. Paths can diverge, make one trudge through mud, dust and dirt, but it can also lead one to paved roads, or to a path that crosses your loved one’s.  These journeys through the roads of love and relationships, may not start off smoothly or happen under perfect weather conditions. But the little, constant things make all the difference. Love is communicated through thoughtful texts, hugs, compliments, jokes to ease, laughs to lighten a cloudy mood. With a commitment to be constant and consistent, every day becomes comforting, just as we find ourselves on the familiar path to our home. 

RZ and Anne started off in diverging paths. He first saw her in a friend’s wedding photo, and immediately liked her. His first impressions of her made him break character. While usually a safe person who liked to have things in control, he took a gamble and messaged her. His message would be seenzoned for a year. 

Anne is a risk-taker. But a message from a stranger didn’t impress much on her that she forgot about it for over a year. One day, she found a post from RZ that piqued her interest. She tagged him in her response. A conversation started, and things began to roll. 

But on their first date at a Yellow Cab, their conversations would often stumble into silence. This, however, did not deter them from going on a second date. The awkwardness of the first meeting dissipated then. And they went on another one, and another – building comfort and confidence as they went. Their divergent paths had crossed, and two years later, they’re still walking the same path together.

RZ has this to say about their love story: “Akala ko ang pag ibig ay katulad ng isang camera na isang click mo lang madedevelop na lang bigla. Pero katulad pala ito ng isang ginto na dadaan sa matinding proseso para maappreciate mo ang beauty nito.” [I thought love was like a camera that captures images with just a click. But love is like gold that has to go through an extreme process for you to appreciate its beauty.] Anne, on the other hand, reflects on the key elements of their strengthened relationship: “Ang Important lang talaga is commitment and communication.” [What’s really impor tant is commitment and communication.]

We wanted to capture and celebrate RZ and Anne’s golden and loving partnership and friendship that started from awkward encounters. We took the two-year strong couple to Lake Sebu, the land of dreamweavers. The mesmerizing waters of the Seven Falls was a fitting backdrop for the energetic couple, whose genuine laughter filled the air. 

In Dreamweavers Hill, they danced. They danced with their feet, and with their hearts. They danced to their newfound beat. It is one that is uniquely their own, built over time with commitment and communication.

When the rain poured, and pattered on the paths and the roofs, RZ and Anne grabbed an umbrella and walked the wet paths. In the next frames, they ditched their umbrella, and danced in the rain – a vision of their future. They will walk whatever path, weather whatever weather in confidence with each other. They will dance. 


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