Saturday, February 6, 2021

Falling in Love with a Cafe: GenSan's Coffee Project

Cafes have always been  social places. Yes, there can be the lone coffee drinker, or the student poring over tomes, or the silent worker typing away on his/her laptop. But most tables would have a couple of friends chatting while drinking their coffee of choice or couples dining while sipping on their frappes. The design and function of the quaint cafe makes it essential to public life. It is built as a place for reflection and for socialization, and nowadays, for Instagram-worthy photos and posts, such as  Coffee Project in Gensan. We fell in love with this cafe at first sight. The steady atmosphere and the interiors, and especially the warm lighting makes it an ideal place to enjoy quiet mornings or afternoons, crouched at a corner with a warm cup of coffee or to get oneself to focus on  one's work. We hope that our photos are an invitation for you to check out and enjoy this small cafe, tucked neatly in our fledgeling city.

📍 All Home, Brgy. Katangawan, Circumferential Rd , General Santos City 

Store Hours: 7 AM - 7 PM
Pre-wedding or pre-birthday shoot: Php 5000 ( Php 1,500 consumable for a 3-hour  session )


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