Sunday, November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween in Namba, Osaka!


Happy Halloween in Namba. Osaka!

Spending Halloween in Japan was a revelation for me. 

As a photographer, I have mostly been behind the camera, observing and documenting life's moments from behind the lens. But in Japan, the land of cosplay, I had to ultimately jump into the fray of being in front of the camera, taking groufies! 

I was in Osaka when Halloween hit town. In Osaka, the best place to spend Halloween- if you're not a party pooper- is in Namba, where every Halloween, a huge crowd of cosplayers gather to celebrate the weird and the wonderful. 

Namba is known as the entertainment district of South Osaka. Its famous street Dotonbori is lined with numerous restaurants and arcadees. It is also the site of the annual Halloween party.

I went with a group of Filipino friends. One of our friend, Peaches, did all our make-up. I decided to be a clown, taking a bit of inspiration from Joker and Harlequin. My friends came as Harry Potter, Wednesday Adams, a witch, and a ghoul. 

When we arrived in Dotonbori, there was already a huge crowd, which head and tail stretched across the street. 

What fun we had people watching and taking groufies! There were many cosplayers who really took their cosplaying to a different level. Our favorites were Porco Rosso and Dragonball's Master Roshi, a life-size Chuckie doll, Coco, and a group of well-dressed chimp guys. 

Along the way, we found another Harry Potter, so we couldn't resist documenting the meeting of two Harry Potters. 

It was my first time to really enjoy a Halloween party. I shed some of my inhibitions, let myself be silly, and enjoy the night. But it would not have been as much fun without a bunch of my Filipino friends, and a fun crowd who only emitted good vibes all throughout. 

Location: Japan


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