Monday, October 19, 2020

The Act of Loving: Jason and Kim's Pre-Wedding Session in Tupi

There are those whose language of love are not words. Those whose means of loving is being patient, being kind, being generous and humble, being good-humored and contented. Those whose love "does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but in the truth."

Kim and Jason cherish each other. Jason finds Kim "super ganda and super bait". And Kim finds Jason "Kind, soft-spoken, tapos no pressure sa life, masayahin at God-fearing, May sense of humor kahit di mo halata."

Peeling these top layers of likes and impressions, and endearments, Kim and Jason carry each other. In work as both jail officers, and in personal life as lovers, they nurture and look after each other.

Kim and Jason believe in love. They also believe and trust in each other. And if they fail at some points, they believe in mercy and forgiveness. 

They hope for happiness, that even the bad days will be worth it. When God is at the center of a relationship, hope endures, love endures. "Maging center talaga si God. Ilang family has a stable and strong faith. Maganda ang family relationship nila, which medyo kabaliktaran sa amin. Gusto ko sana ng ganun na family," Kim says.

We worked to reflect Kim and Jason's language of love and their relationship's character in their pre-wedding photographs. We portrayed their passions in the first location at the Britannica golf course. First, they are dressed in formal wear - Kim in a red wine-colored dress and Jason in a light gray suit. In their second set, they dress down to active wear as a yoga couple to show their passion for health and for a work-life balance, as well as their support and reliance on each other. 

In Eden's Flowers, the second location, They stand amidst flower plantation, clasping hands or sweetly looking at each other. The abundance of flowers reflect their abundance of love and adoration of each other.

In the 3rd location, they pose beside a Jimny, a tiny but reliable car. Dressed in sweaters, they snuggle to each other comfortably. 

Lastly, they dress in airsoft gear in their fourth location. Looking ready for combat, the set of photos speaks as if they are ready to fight for their love together for the rest of the lives.      


When we love, sometimes we leave speech and words outside the door. We speak truthfully with our actions and gestures. To love, Kim and Jason draw from their bottomless well of understanding, faith, and mercy. It is only then, that love never ends.


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