Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Finding the Right Time: Karen Kay and Jordan's Pre-Wedding Session in General Santos City

Seven years ago, Kay and Jordan met at an Assembly of God Concert for a Cause. That year, the theme was  "A Love to Give". Jordan, a dedicated missionary, was part of the music team. Kay was part of the skit team. Kay caught Jordan's eye every time she passed by and performed. Jordan could not shake her off his head. Then he remembered a prayer he had before they met. " I prayed to God that He will open my heart for the right woman He prepared for me. And I saw the verse flashed on screen," Jordan recalled. The verse he saw flashed on the screen at the point of his remembering was Ecclesiastes 3:11 - "He has made everything beautiful in its time."

Kay also remembers seeing the same verse flashed on the screen. She felt herself assured at that time. When Jordan asked for her number, she didn't hesitate to give it to him, even if she did not normally give out her number to strangers. After connecting online, Kay saw from Jordan's Facebook photos that they had existed in the same space years before. In one of these photos, she was just standing behind Jordan's group in one church event. How could they have missed each other? But she went back to thinking, agreeing with God, that "everything happens in the right time."

After a year of courtship, they found the courage to face life together as a couple. It hasn't been an easy journey since. But with the grace of God, Kay and Jordan survived years of LDR. Jordan always answered the call of serving God by serving communities abroad. Kay understood Jordan's life mission and was also working on her own missions. Both of them were even scheduled to work on different missions in Laos and in Indonesia, but the pandemic struck. They recognized that it was God's way of directing them to another path, which is to merge their paths together. Kay muses: "Everything happens for a reason. And for us, another LDR didn't happen because God wants us to get married first, then do mission and ministry TOGETHER.Indeed, the verse He promised to us when we first met is fulfilling Now. The 7 years of waiting is over."

After seven years, Kay and Jordan are celebrating the new chapter in their lives. They will have lifetime of drinking coffee together (a maximum of five cups a day!), of watching movies, of building their second had bike business, of doing their ministry, of serving people, and most of all, of doing God's work.

We worked with them to create memorable pieces of their celebration of their love and commitment. We took them to three locations around Gensan. Our photos from our first location in Parreno apartments shows the couple's aspiration of a peaceful and happy home life, where they can have drink their coffee slowly while talking about things in life.  

In Ranchero, Kay and Jordan showed their romantic, as well as their cosmopolitan side. They're bound to reach new places, and they will be doing it together. 

Lastly, the fields of Banisil, Tambler inspired their playful side. They rode a second hand bike on the grasslands with a view of Mt. Matutum. It became their place to dream. Lying down on the back of a pickup truck, we see them talking about life, their dreams. 

Dreams, they have so many. Passions too. But as God wills, everything beautiful happens in its time. And Kay and Jordan are willing to have God's will as their compass in their lives together. With God's guidance, they have no fear of getting lost, for they've never been lost, only found. 


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