Thursday, September 17, 2020

Love as Fine as Wine: Dreztan and Pillar's Pre-Wedding Session in General Santos City

Love ages like wine. Drez and Pillar had been in a relationship for four and a half years before calling it quits. Their first time as a couple had its share of ups and downs.

Pillar, a lawyer and ombudsman prosecutor, had been focused on her career and contented with single life until her friend Cheryl Veliganio played matchmaker to get her a boyfriend at 30. She introduced Pillar to Dreztan, Cheryl’s former schoolmate in UIC. Pillar was smitten with Dreztan, a military man who she found was kind, generous, and malambing. Pillar and Dreztan hit it off, but their relationship hit a slump after four and a half years. 

Pillar recalls: “We never heard from each other for 5 years. I dated other men but never found a happy match. Those years of unsuccessful dating made me contented with single life. 

Then on June 26, 2019, to my surprise, I saw him again at Ascension Church in GSIS Village. After office, I usually go to Ascencion Church to pray my novena. That day, the church aisle was adorned with red carpet and rose petals were petals were strewn around the floor. I interpreted it as a sign from God that I will get married someday. After praying, I was so surprised to see him seated at the back of the church. After a few days, he sent me flowers at the office.”

That fateful day brought Dreztan and Pillar back together for a second chance at love. It turned out Dreztan too, had never forgotten about Pillar. “Even though we had been apart for some years, every day since I met her, she was always in my mind and heart and prayers.”

For Drez and Pillar, it’s sweeter the second time around. “This is our second try at love. Our first try had all the sweet ingredients – loving affections, fun dates, excitable surprises. We were also united in nurturing our faith in God. When we separated, I realized that any loving relationship requires maturity and responsibility. Maturity to accept that life is not always about being together, but it is also about trusting that the distance required by work responsibilities will not affect the relationship. Responsibility to improve one’s life and pursue one’s happiness so that both partners can grow,” Pillar reflects. 

We spent a day with them in three locations in General Santos City for their pre-wedding shoot. Despite experiencing minor inconveniences traveling to GenSan from Davao, they showed up with upbeat disposition and breezed through our three locations and six wardrobe changes in good humor and enjoyment. 

We photographed them in various themes that best encapsulated their relationship. They goofed around in the studio as future Mr. and Mrs. Army couple, where they wore couple army uniforms, and simple wedding clothes. In Patrias, they illustrated comfortable wedded bliss by slipping into matching pajamas and in casual white polos and blue jeans relaxing with each other as they would in their future home. But the cherry on top was the romantic sunrise shoot at AJ Garden and Resort, which seemed like a preview of their upcoming wedding vows. Nothing more romantic than pledging love with a view of the horizon –love seems endless, then. 

Their deep chemistry and affection were evident on set and in the photos. They endearingly called each other “pre” and comfortably teased each other and laughed. Kilig was definitely in the air. 
Drez and Pillar’s pre-wedding photos show what they most value and cherish in their relationship.  They cherish their time together. With both having busy schedules, and with Dretz being away for long periods as an army officer, they both value their time together. Drez says they enjoy “being with each and listening to each other’s stories.” 

They’re not wasting their second chance at being together. Drez acknowledges that the ingredients to their enduring love are building their understanding, tolerance, and patience of each other, while Pillar muses, “Love for me is a patient commitment to be always grateful that God bestowed upon me a wonderful person to love. In that way, my love will inspire happiness and growth.” 

Drez and Pillar are testaments of living with hope and love in these tough times. They kept good memories of each other from their first relationship, and reflected well on their time together. Now, they are reaping the fruits of their openness at giving themselves a second shot at love. They have withstood the odds of time and distance, and will continue to do so with faith in each other and in God. 


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