Sunday, September 13, 2020

Meeting Romance in Rotterdam: Miles and Jai's Pre-Wedding Session { The Netherlands }

Many meetings are serendipitous. I was about to leave the Netherlands, when my sister introduced me to  Jai and Miles, her churchmates who were a couple. Jai and Miles met each other while working in the Netherlands. They'd never have thought of finding romance. But they did while in Rotterdam. So that's where we went for their pre-wedding shoot. 

I'd never have thought of reaching that part of the country. My early days in the shoot was located elsewhere but this city of my imagination. I had seen photos of the Rotterdam centraal, Beurs, Markthal, Boompjes Evenementen Locatie,  Kijkbus, Blaak, and Het Park. Thanks to Jai and Miles, I was able to walk on the sites, and even make them the backdrops of our session.

The gloomy weather - a drizzle of rain and the gusts of wind - did not dampen our spirits. Jai and Miles were very comfortable in front of the camera that the whole session seemed like a stroll in the park. We literally also did a stroll in the park. 

And if the photos showed a somewhat deserted Rotterdam, it's because we shot them while the Netherlands was dealing with the pandemic. Still not enough reason to kill romance, eh?

I don't know when I will be back in the Netherlands. But I will fondly remember my serendipitous meeting of Rotterdam, the more laidback sister of Amsterdam. I think I left my heart there. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Jai and Miles for showing me the city where their love blossomed. I will continue to take photos to remember the romance of a couple and a city.

It is so amazing to see Rotterdam through the lens of Jai and Miles. I will remember Rotterdam not as any European city, but the city where Miles and Jai’s love story flourished, where they started their life together, and where they spent creating beautiful memories. This urban love got me thinking how amidst the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam and despite their cultural differences, Jai and Miles found each other, and made each other their home. Love bridged their differences, and paved their paths to a peaceful life in the Netherlands.

Location: Netherlands


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