Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Love that Endures: Pong & Paulynne's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Pong remembers seeing Paulynne in church when they were both kids. Paulynne remembers getting candies with Pong at the canteen.

Time passes. 
Paulynne and Pong spend three years together, and the next four years apart. 
Pong gets into another relationship. Paulynne takes her time, alone. She works as a nurse. 

Pong works abroad as a restaurant manager. The physical distance stretches, until the yearning springs it back to shape. 

Four years pass. Pong courts Paulynne again. He wastes no time. 

He crosses miles through flight – Saudi to Singapore – to propose. Paulynne wastes no time either. She says “Yes.”

Their bond and chemistry is clear in our pre-wedding sessions in both The Walking Eyes Studio and in our outdoor locations in Ngilay and in the carnival. There is remarkable ease in how Paulynne and Pong are together. Perhaps an ease that has been tested by time and space. 

When asked how their love endures, Pong enumerates “honesty, respect, and communication”. Paulynne thinks it endures because they make time for each other. No matter the physical distance. And when miles do set them apart, they can pull at the invisible bond between them, to make each other know that they are always there for each other. 


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