Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We Fit Each Other Like a Glove: Jen and Mikael's Pre-Wedding Session { Manila }

Some people fit each other like a glove. Sales manager Jen describes her relationship with bank officer Mikael as such.

“For some really weird reason, he and I always have the same ideals and opinions even way back in college. I love that he remembers tiny details and sees things in a different perspective than how most people do,” Jen muses.

Jen and Mikael met in college. They were classmates, then turned friends. Mikael says, they've been friends for more than half of their lives. Eventually their friendship deepened. They've been a couple for two years.

“I love it when we hold hands. It feels like his hand fits perfectly on mine and it make us feel more connected,” says Jen.

Throughout their years of friendship and couplehood, they held each other in quiet confidence, in trust, and in love. It made perfect sense to stay committed forever.

Jen points out a few key ingredients to their enduring love: “Understanding, our agreement to never fight over things, family and asking God for continuous guidance.” For Mikael, it's “meeting halfway”.

Jen and Mikael have made their relationship work by being partners. This is evident in our photoshoot with them first in Vera Studio, and then in romantic and historical Intramuros, where they chose to emulate the crime-fighting duo and Marvel heroes Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. Just like their peg characters, both have the same ideals and work together on equal footing.

In the shoot, both find they are surprisingly relaxed and easier to smile for our lens. They were very natural in front of the camera. They were very kind and accommodating. It was easy for us to capture how their love radiated on photos.

While they find strength in each other, they also value their individual strengths and hold up their own persons. For Mikael, that is love.

“[What is love?] Being able to give out your whole being, without losing yourself in the process,” says Mikael. Jen chimes in, “Love is what makes the world go round.” Indeed, love makes the world go round, and for the better. And Jen and Mikael's love will endure like the spinning of the world.


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