Saturday, August 17, 2019

Faith and Communication: Rachel and Jerico's Pre-Wedding Session { Samal Island }

Seven years and counting. Long-distance couple Rachel and Jerico's relationship have stood the test of time. How does their love endure? Faith and communication, Jerico says.

Faith is having complete trust in something or somebody. How that is achieved by anyone requires the strength of mind and heart. It is not easy to put trust in someone or something. But with constant and honest communication, one believes and upholds someone's words and actions in good faith.

“Trust is very essential. It is the foundation of every relationship lalo na LDR kami.It may seem difficult but with him it is bearable,” says Rachel.

Jerico first met Rachel 8 years ago at the Bagumbayan Municipal Health Office. Both were nurses. Their attraction resulted in a friendship and a courtship that was made official a year after. Then Rachel had to leave for Riyadh to work there as a nurse.

The physical distance could have hurt their relationship. But Rachel and Jerico kept their presence in each other's life by constanly communicating – in words and in images. Jerico reveals what he likes best about his partner- her eyes.  “When u look into her eyes and when shes looking back at yours.. everything seems and feels unquite normal.”

Sometimes, they communicate their affection through actions. “I think it's more on gesture. The kiss in the cheeks or forehead. Making me comfortable always . Spoiling me with my favorites,” Rachel points out.”

They both recall their most romantic time together in Baguio City where they spent quality time together. It was a turning point in both their lives. Jerico considers it the place “where all their dreams began.” Rachel recalls it fondly, “Nagtour lang kami on our own since kabisado niya. We visited churches. Actually,every get away is memorable kasi during those moments nakakapag heart-to-heart talk kami.”

Rachel also admires Jerico's dedication to family and how “he loves me and my family. His positive attitude towards everything. He never fails to see the good in every situation.” When Rachel and Jericho are together, they spend their time playing with their nieces and nephews. It is in these moments that Rachel and Jerico affirm their desire to have their own family.

We held two photo sessions with them in two locations in Balai Rajah and Hamigit Falls in Samal Island in Davao del Norte. In these sessions, Rachel and Jerico showed their personality as a couple. They favored a laid-back experience- even choosing a casual wardrobe to wear in the shoots. “The entire shoot was fun. Thanks to the team for making it light. Naging comfortable kami,” says Rachel.

Their photos from these pre-wedding sessions illustrate their values as a couple. “Self control ang calmness, because we've never allowed others to control the direction of our life. We've never allow our emotions to overpower the things that we believed,” points out Jerico.

Rachel encapsulates what love is for them, “Love is selfless. It is when you learn to sacrifice just to make your loved ones happy.” This is how their love endures, and will continue to endure throughout their lives together.


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