Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nene Making Waves: A Pre-Debut Session { General Santos City }

Water has always fascinated us. Its amorphousness, and mirrorlike ability to reflect light has made it a favorite for photo shoots. We have done sessions beside bodies of water, but we've never photographed someone in the water. Enter, Nene, a lively 17-year-old swimmer, nearing her debut.

Our photo session started dry. Our first location was in San Marco Hotel. She wore a blue gown by Garvy Terrado completed with a tiara on her head. As she walked along hallways of the San Marco, and posed by the staircase, she did with the grace and strength of a swimmer, her blue gown rippling like water as she moved.

She was every bit looking like a water princess. Carpe diem.

“Growing up, I learned that the best way to enjoy life is to live every moment without holding back. In order to be genuinely free, you should never be scared of judgement because in the end it’s you who will live your life,” explains Nene.

As darkness falls, we drive to Woodbreeze. She slips into a comfortable white romper, and stands in the middle of the woods. We set up a flood light behind her shoot her in wide angle, framing her expanding world. She stood tall and confident.

“Always be yourself. Never aspire to please everyone because you can’t. Also, aim high and never settle for less. Always be humble and never boast your achievements. Stay low key.”

Of all her achievements in her teenage life, most remarkable is her swimming prowess. She is, after all, a member of the UST Swimming Varsity Team. It is something she is proud of, and works earnestly on.

For Nene, swimming is a school in itself. Through the years of training, she has learned not only swimming techniques or ways to build stamina, but also life's most important lessons.

“From swimming I learned that 99% right is 100% wrong. I also learned that there is truly no shortcut to success and every achievement is worked hard for,” says Nene.

After Woodbreeze, we capped the session in the pool of Venue 88. As Nene got in the pool, we directed a flood light at the water. She slapped the water to create splashes that caught the light. She laughed as she did, enjoying her time playing with water.

When asked what she dreams of becoming some day, she didn't hesitate answering:

“I want to become a lawyer someday. Becoming a corporate lawyer is the dream.”

We are certain- she's going to make huge waves.


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