Monday, June 17, 2019

What Makes The Cradle Stories the Best Experience There Is

To our dearest mommy and daddy clients:

We are always happy to see you and your little ones. The tenderness you have for each other, especially for your newborn, enlivens us. We feel that we are also a part of your family. Our hearts warm seeing how you take care of your newborn or how you keep your growing baby giggling and babbling with excitement. We admire your deeply rooted strength and determination to keep your baby safe. This also pushes us and inspires us to be at our utmost best to serve you by taking care of our interactions with your baby.

What differentiates us from other baby photographers is that we are a team of professionals. Our most valuable asset, is our baby handler, stylist, and props designer, a registered nurse by profession and an artist by heart, Vna . She is a licensed nurse who is well-trained to handle newborn babies and children.

Vna has undergone extensive trainings in basic and advance life support while working in Jordan. As a medical professional, she is aware of what problems may arise or maybe aggravated if babies have medical problems. She also knows the basic needs of babies with special needs. She is the reason why we can handle babies with great care. The welfare and safety of your newborn baby or child is her utmost priority.

She makes props and sets that are newborn- and child-friendly. She's meticulous in her choice of materials, and makes sure that she uses hypo-allergenic ones. She carries your baby with care as would you, their parents.

Her medical trainings not only cover your child's welfare, but can extend to you, their mothers. She is trained in safe motherhood, in skill development program on neonatal and pediatric intensive care, and in nursing and lactation management. With her trainings in these areas, she is prepared to handle situations in our photo sessions with you, if you experience post-natal problems then such as hypertension or inverted nipples for post-CS mothers. If situations arise that would need the care of a doctor, she would offer you the sound advice of going to the hospital or a clinic for a check-up. Taking care of you is also taking care of your baby.

There are no greater joys for us than to see your child safe in our arms and yours, and to make your photo session with us a cradle of wonderful memories.

Love from your friendly and caring neighborhood photography team,
Van & Vna


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