Friday, August 2, 2019

New Beginnings: Flower and Ferdinand's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Stories used to begin in “Once Upon a Time...” But as time went by, stories picked up from the middle, such as when two people meet. 

Flower and Ferdinand's love story did not start from their pasts, although their pasts drove them to the point of being on the exact place of meeting each other in Taguig, on March 24, 2016.

Was it destiny? Perhaps.  But Flower and Ferdinand put in work to build a relationship based on trust, honesty, and acceptance. All these they needed to cultivate, as Ferdinand's work entailed him to be away for months as a seaman, while back home, Flower ran their salon business.

Flower reflects: “The most important in our relationship is LOVE and TRUST that make us more stronger even when we are apart.”

It was fitting to shoot them in two locations with two differing themes and motifs. The day shoot was in Sarangani Highlands, where the hues were in pastel. It was the blissful calm of their present. 

At night in Ngilay, we showed their passion by washing their figures with car lights. 

What is noticeable are their poses of leaning towards each other, their foreheads touching, or one's head on the other's shoulder. 

This sense of security can only be a result of how these two people surrendered their pasts. Ferdinand recalls the turning point for him in their relationship: “The most memorable event or moment that [we] were together is the time that she let me love her and trust me despite of my past.”

Clinging to their pasts could have ended a beautiful thing. But in the end for Flower and Ferdinand, their love, acceptance, and forgiveness of their pasts spooled beginnings, new paths to take. This time, they chose a path they can walk together.


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