Thursday, March 7, 2019

Waiting For The Right Time: Jam and Rom's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }


Jam and Rom have stood the test of time.

They met when they both attended the same PE class in college. Eleven years later, they are still going strong.

More than a decade of being together has taught them that it pays to wait for a right time. They've waited until they have graduated from college, and after becoming stable in their careers as certified public accountants, before deciding to settle down.

They decided to celebrate this major milestone in their relationship with a pre-nup session.

The location of choice was the Pacman Beach Resort, with its white sand beaches, and woods as backdrop for the day and night sets.

Jam and Rom have always preferred simplicity. But for the pre-nup session, they let loose a bit to make way for a bit of whimsy.

While we had sets with them wearing simple outfits such as white shirts and khaki shorts, or white shirts and blue jeans, they also decided to wear clothes reminiscent of vintage times – a floral dress for Jam, and a white polo shirt with a bow, suspenders, and a flat cap ensemble for Rom.

Jam notes that the vintage dresses were their favorite part of the pre-nup session. After all, it's not everyday when they dress up.

“The whole pre-nup experience was one for the books. We seldom take pictures, pati dressing up and posing for the camera,” Jam mused.

They may not be the usual camera-confident couple, but they surely made their time worth it. They simply had fun, at the right time.


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