Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Homecoming: Ian and Diane's On Location Pre-Wedding Session { Norala, South Cotabato }

Before stepping into the future, fiances Ian and Diane took a trip down memory lane, by coming home from the greener pastures of Canada to the pastures of Diane's hometown in Norala, South Cotabato for a pre-wedding shoot.

Ian and Diane have had another pre- wedding shoot in the snows of Canada, where they both work. But they both thought it wouldn't be complete without a homage to their humble beginnings. After all, it was in SOX where they met sixteen years ago through a common friend. 

Initially, Ian and Diane planned to only get drone video shots in Norala. But we couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture more intimate photos of the couple, and so we suggested to also include photos. 

Ian and Diane had very minimal and simple wardrobe choices. Diane had two outfits- a floral dress and a white top and red skirt ensemble, while Ian wore a pair of white polo shirt and khaki pants. Their wardrobe color choices were enough to compliment with the farmland's golden fields.

For Diane, the photoshoot in Norala is a way for them to come full circle. "We love most the winter and the farm photoshoots. Both symbolize the life we have had. We had to go to a foreign land to start our lives together, but we never forget the roots where we came from. Just like winter, our life abroad can be beautiful but challenging at times. How the farm photoshoot brings nostalgia is something we will remember forever."

Diane credits their survival as individuals and as a couple working in a foreign land to the kind of trusting and empowering relationship they have built over the years. She says, "We draw strength from each other." 

It was an answer which made us see that whether in the spring or winter of their lives, Ian and Diane will always be at home with each other.


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