Thursday, April 4, 2019

Istin and Tantan's Pre-Wedding Session: Love like Wine

Istin and Tantan held hands as they walked in the fields of Ngilay. The afternoon skies was turning golden. In the far distance, Mount Matutum was showing itself in a deep blue hue. It was a pitch perfect moment for us to shoot our last set of photos for Istin and Tantan's pre-wedding session.

Istin, the bride-to-be, has been a classmate of mine in elementary, and I was glad to reconnect with her by being their pre-wedding photographer. We shot in two locations, in Sarangani Highlands for formal wear, and in Ngilay for casual wear.

During our session, Istin and Tantan gave out the quiet confidence of a couple that had been tested with time, and in their case, with distance too. They have been together for 12 years and 9 months. Eight of those years were in a long-distance relationship. Istin works in Cebu while Tantan works in Davao as a doctor.

While they have known each other as childhood friends (their dads knew each other in college), they sparked the romance only when they were both in their 1st year in MSU-IIT.

Their long journey as a couple were not without setbacks. Being apart for eight years because of work was the biggest hurdle. But they made up with calls, texts, visits, and resolving to put God in the center of their relationship. When together, they enjoy going to the beach, watching movies, going on outdoor adventures, joy rides, and sleeping all day.

Through time, they have found and built on things that they appreciate of each other. When asked what she appreciates in Tantan, Istin said: “Tantan loves God more than me. [He] loves his parents and siblings, and prioritizes them. He makes it a point to show how much he loves me by writing letters, communicates, and visits me in Cebu despite his busy schedule.”

Tantan, on the other hand, appreciates these of Istin: “Istin loves God more than me. She puts her family next to God. She is very charming, strong and intelligent, and she can be very wacky and loud which makes her very fun to be with. She shows her love for me through letters, quality time, words of encouragement, and her understanding inspite of my very random personality. She is my bestfriend in the world.”

In our first location in Sarangani Highlands, Istin and Tantan's wardrobe colors, reminded us of aged wine. The deep red colors mirrored their passion to grow together with time, to develop the sweetness that only comes with knowing and understanding each other.

Istin and Tantan only rely on God's time to make things happen. For Istin, it is in God's time that she will be able to move to Davao to live a married life that is pleasing to the Lord. Tantan yearns for them to “grow old together and keep on growing more in love with each other, and have a beautiful and God-centered family.”

With their deep trust in God and each other, as well as with the support of their families, they will endure like good wine. We share a toast to their future!


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