Friday, February 15, 2019

Taking Flight: Nikki's Outdoot Pre-Debut Session { GenSan & Japan }

Coming of age is tough. More responsibilities and expectations blow one's way like cold winds. It takes guts and grit to push through life's weather. 

We found these qualities in Nikki, a debutante from General Santos City. 
We shot her pre-debut in two locations in GenSan, and in three locations in the streets of Tokyo, Japan last year. 

Her General Santos City sessions gave us a peek of her personality. 

Nikki, a certified Potterhead of the House of Slytherin, donned her Hogwarts uniform for a session in the cogon field a of Ngilay. While she considers herself a Slytherin, she also has an affinity for Gryffindor's Hermione Granger, her favourite Harry Potter character. If there are qualities from both that exist in Nikki, they are an analytical mind, and the willpower to do things.

Nikki's passions unravel in Woodbreeze, the second location. Nikkei stood out in the cool-coloured environment with her red gown. 

Nikki's go-getter personality is partly due to her parents. "My parents taught me that every problem has a solution and [to] keep in mind that anything is possible."

Her adventurous desires to be outside of her comfort zone led us to our first international pre-debut session.

Our international pre-debut session with Nikki was set in the months approaching winter. But a toughie like Nikki, wasn't just about to wear only winter clothes for her session. 

In a day time shoot near a mall in Takashiyama, Nikki wore a thick red hooded jacket that reminded us of Little Red Riding Hood (which is a coming-of-age fairy tale, by the way).

Come night, Nikki, like her spirit animal, the Arctic Penguin, braved the cold of central Tokyo, while wearing a spaghetti strapped blue gown that exposed her bare arms. 

Nikki traipsed in the downtown area for three hours, enduring the cold, and not minding the stares and paparazzi shots of passersby. She meant to get the time of her life shot well. She meant to have the time of her life.

"I learned that not everything you want will be given to you. You must work for it," Nikki said.

We asked her what she dreams of becoming. She said: " I want to be a commercial pilot someday."

That's quite an ambition for a young woman who is a fan of penguins, flightless birds. But a young woman with her passion and determination, there's no doubt that she's already taking off.


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