Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Blossoming of Kempee and Jayzyl's Rose: Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

"If our love were a flower, it would be a rose," bride-to-be Jayzyl explains.

Her partnership with her fiance Kempee has bloomed from love at first sight to a four year long distance relationship fueled by constant communication through social media and Facebook messaging. 

And then, they got pregnant, which Jayzyl says was at first a challenge for them both, knowing Jayz spent a lot of time abroad as a seafarer. 'Were they ready to be parents? Were they financially stable?', were some of the hard questions they had to answer as a couple.

This painful growth of thorns during this time was what further strengthened their partnership. They decided that the best way to love each other at this time, is to carry each other through. Kempee proposed to Jayzyl. Now, they are preparing not only for a wedding but also for the birth of their little family.

We captured their giddy anticipation as future husband-and-wife and as parents in their pre-nup shoot in three locations in General Santos City.

Our first location was in the diversion road, just under the bridge, wherein Kempee and Jayzyl went full blast romantic, in contrast with the sparse environment and the sun's heat. Jayzyl wore a floral ballgown, with a sweeping edge, that was an arresting sight- one could almost hear Sting's "Desert Rose" being played in the background. Kempee wore a golden top with black applause, and black pants.

The second location at the fisherman's wharf with ships as background spoke of Jayzyl and Kempees realities in love and economics. Kempee and Jayzyl  wore their uniforms as a seafarer and as a teller, respectively. These photos show what their dreams are based on. 

The third set of photos, shot in Woodbreeze Resort, shows them how and what they are inside, a loving couple who are there for each other.

"[our engagement, our having a baby] are the best things that have happened to us," Kim muses. "I can see and feel that our rose won't wither, and won't die."

With Kempee and Jayzyl's dedication towards each other, their rose, their love will blossom steadfastly and vibrantly, as do their growing family.


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