Monday, December 17, 2018

Building a Little Paradise Together: Ariel and Kaye's Pre-Wedding Session { Kamari Resort, Glan, Sarangani Province }

Couples have their little paradises. These are places where couples spend their time together or where they have made milestones in their lives. No matter how big or small, how near or far, these little paradises provide intimate sanctuaries where couples strengthen their connections and commitments with each other. 

Ariel and Kaye found their little paradise in the white sand beaches of Kamari Resort and Hotel in Gumasa, Sarangani. 

We stayed there for two days and one night last September to do a couples photo session. Ariel, a soldier, had arranged the session with Kaye, his partner of 2 years. Kaye, a chef , may or may not have smelled something cooking. 

After a whole day's shoot on the first day, we set-up a post-dinner session. It was then, that Ariel while in uniform, held Kaye's hands and proposed to her. Kaye said a determined yes, sans tears. 

The proposal of that night turned the couple's session into a pre-nup session. We were touched and ecstatic. Kamari Resort and Hotel will forever be remembered as their little paradise, the place where Ariel proposed a lifetime together with Kaye. 

A slight drizzle blessed the ocassion. We went out and photographed Ariel and Kaye between the resort's white cottages. The floodlight highlighted the silhouettes of the couple as well as the water droplets from the rain, making a stunning photo.

The following day, we photographed the engaged couple in three more areas in the resort. 

Chef Kaye showed her groom-to-be how to have fun in the kitchen. We shot them getting romantic at the resort's cafe, after slicing a ripe mango. This must be how sweet domestic life can get for Ariel and Kaye, we thought.

At the paraw, Ariel and Kaye went casual and fun, as they wore multi-colored striped outfits, and posed in front of colorful kayaks, parked standing on the beach. 

Together they dream and love as they stand together, holding hands in this little paradise, in Gumasa, Sarangani.

COORDINATON by Jun JImenez , HMUA by Joey Rice, Video by Pixelbox Wedding Film, Photo by Team Walking Eyes


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