Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Kind Love: Kirby & Hannah's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Kirby and Hannah know kindness. They live by it, and through it. As social workers, they learned it. But they learned it more in being together- with each other.

Kindness is a virtue we saw in them when we did their photo session in Woodbreeze Resort and in Coffee Club 101.

Coffee and sugary drinks gave them a boost for the day. At Coffee Club 101, Kirby and Hannah went casual, in matching gray shirts, to contrast the pink interiors of the cafe. Kirby and Hannah laughed and teased each other with their drinks. They would soon leave this state in favor of nostalgia.

They had chosen a vintage theme with floral motifs. It was not only for the aesthetic, but recreating the past is also yearning for the times when life was slower, more blissful, and kinder.

In Woodbreeze, Kirby and Hannah took the slow path. The couple, who enjoy motorcycle rides to de-stress, went sans wheels in exchange for a stroll in the tree-lined park. There is no adrenaline there, but the slow and steady flow of blood, warming their bodies, as they plodded on earth. It was a different renewal of an old connection. They felt each other's warmth as they hugged.

The day wore on more slowly. The foot path led to a grassy clearing where a picnic was set. Kirby and Hannah changed to another set of floral and vintage-inspired clothes, before lounging on the picnic mat, and in each other's arms.

We captured Kirby and Hannah bodily rhythms with each other. The soft eye contacts, needing no words; their infectious laughter; Hannah leaning on Kirby's shoulder; their hands resting on each other. These moments captured in photos are just a preview of what's yet to come. After all, from here on, Kirby and Jess have a lifetime to discover many more ways to be kind, and many more ways to love.


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