Friday, December 7, 2018

The Persistence of Love: Kath & Frank's Pre-Wedding Session { Sarangani Province }

The turtle is a well-traveled animal. It is slow but persistent. These qualities are what endeared public high school teachers and engaged couple Kath and Frank to make it their spirit animal.

Kath and Frank met while appyling for jobs. They took a pace all their own, as each couple all over have their own pacing when it comes to developing their relationship. They were at the start of their careers and they needed new support systems. They felt they needed each other.

They grew comfortable with each other in friendship, while their romance grew and persisted. They kept each other grounded even as they set their sights on distant goals. After three years, they decide to tie the knot. Like many couples today, they marked the ocassion of their engagement period with a pre-wedding session.

We took them to two locations in Sarangani for their pre-wedding session. In the fields of Safi Ranch, Sarangani's known paragliding site, we had an evening camp where Kath and Frank enjoyed roasting hotdogs over a campfire. The chilly winds at the site called for warmer clothing, making Kath and Frank wear cardigans, scarves, leggings, and beanies.

Kath and Frank truly enjoyed the campfire shoot. They easily fell into conversation with each other, as they roasted their hotdogs, laughing at each other's jokes. We love how their photos are candid here.

We ended the our session with our second location, where we took the scenic route. We took them to the Sarangani Beach Resort, in one of the high points where one can see the sea's horizon. Kath and Frank mirrored the sea with their outfits for this part. Kath wore a long-trained blue gown, while Frank wore a blue suit. They seemed ready to take the world.

But really, what they're set out to do, is building their new world together with emotional strength and understanding. There's many possibilities for these young, bright teachers, and with persistence and groundedness like their spirit animal, the turtle, they will get to wherever they want to be.


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