Monday, December 24, 2018

Learning to Love: Sarah and Aldin's Pre-wedding Session { Sarangani Province }

Loving has all its smooth and rough patches. Sarah and Aldin learned just that and more after six years of being together.

Sarah and Aldin are public school teachers who met in an education class in 2012. Like all couples, their relationship had been a rollercoaster ride. Some may have broken it off, but Sarah and Aldin stuck it through the ups and downs. Sarah pointed out that their strengthened relationship is in learning to forgive. When the times were tough, they took their pride off to save their relationship, and enjoyed what they have started, and where they were headed off.

After 6 years as a couple, Sarah and Aldin decided to be with each other for the rest of their lives.

We first traveled to Maasim, Sarangani, for Sarah and Aldin's pre-wedding session. During the day, the couple dressed in white as they frolicked in the white sand beaches and sea. This reflects their desire to always start anew, and to act with the purity of intention in the next chapter of their lives.

Their body language suggests a constant reaffirming of their love for each other. After all, loving is a daily commitment.

There are a few frames of Sarah leaning back on Aldin, Aldin embracing Sarah from behind – both of them looking out to the horizon. It is a trusting pose – one that shows how they rely on each other in setting their goals.

Sarah and Aldin relaxed under the shade of the picnic tent after a short stroll in the range. Sarah's floral printed dress complimented the roses that surrounded the picnic tent.

Roses have been the ultimate flower symbol for loving relationships. Their thorned beauty reflecting the thorned beauty of love. Love is as beautiful as it is painful, but all is worth it as lovers learn. If a rose is a rose is a rose, then love is love is love.

The last shots of Sarah and Aldin are at night, where they stand in darkness. But in that darkness, a light shines through them, highlighting their silhouettes, and eventually lighting up their faces. Their love will always shine through in the end.


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