Thursday, December 6, 2018

Of Love and Tender Moments: Don and Phoebe's Pre-Wedding Session { Tupi, South Cotabato }

When asked what their symbol for their relationship is, Phoebe and Don chose the dove. Phoebe said, “Dove symbolizes unlimited peace and the deep love we share in our relationship.”

When we met Phoebe and Don, we thought and felt that what they had a peaceful kind of love. There was an ease in their gestures, and in how their eyes met.

Perhaps it is in how much they knew each other. Both are lucky to be working in the same country abroad. In Saudi, Phoebe works as a nurse, while Don works as a CSSD technician. They met through common friends while in Riyadh, and have become each other's support through their overseas work.

While they work in different fields and have different interests – Phoebe loves to read while Don loves to play basketball – there are ways they meet in the middle, or cross over to each other's spaces.

We captured this dynamic in our pre-wedding session with them. We took them to two locations. First in the Marbel Basketball Court, and in our long-time dream location in the Tupi Dole Plantation.

In the Marbel Basketball Court, Don was in his element. But Phoebe was game to try some dribbling too. Both wore basketball attire, with Don preferring a black shirt instead of the usual basketball jersey. As Don taught Phoebe some basic basketball moves, the day's sun cast their beautiful shadows on the court floor.

After breaking a few sweats in Marbel, we drove to our last location in Tupi Dole Plantation to catch the sunset. We drove through the dirt roads of the vast pineapple plantation to find a good spot in the fields for the photo session. We chose a spot with a clear view of the mountains.

Phoebe and Don changed to a more vintage, boho look for the Tupi sessions. Phoebe wore an off-shoulder lace dress, while Don looked dapper in a white polo shirt, khaki pants, and a light brown hat. They strolled through some parts of the plantation, just around the spot where we parked. At one point, Phoebe piggybacked Don – smiles and giggles throughout.


As the sun descended in the horizon, it cast a golden glow on the couple, eventually rendering their bodies as silhouettes. That's the image that will most persist in our memory -  Phoebe and Don looking out into the horizon, watching the sunset. For these two, they are just ending a chapter in their lives to begin a new one together in marriage. We wish them all the best in their holy union today and all their lives.


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