Monday, October 15, 2018

Loving and Growing Together: Ace and Precious' Pre-Wedding Session { Sto Niño, South Cotabato }

Relationships get weathered by time and distance. Some endure with hard work, taking things one day at a time; growing together.

Ace and Precious are no strangers to the challenges of growing in love. They have to weather the pangs of longing from being physically distant. With Ace's work as a seaman, the couple are months away from each other. But distance can be filled with constant communication, and letting each other flourish in their own careers. While Ace is crossing seas, Precious works as a draftswoman for the National Irrigation Association. 

There is confidence built in each other, and such that needs no more embelishments. Confidence in love and being loved. This can be seen in how the couple lean on each other, the tenderness in their eyes when they lay eyes on each other. 

We photographed Ace and Precious in only one location, in the house of Ace's aunt, whose husband is an architect. The house is a mix of concrete and wood, both of the earth. The most striking image of them are looking at each other under the large and strong wooden beams of the top floor of the house. 

Ace and Precious have built a partnership that works around the clock, no matter the distance and the circumstance. We tried to capture the state of the couple's relationship through their wardrobe and the times of each set. The couple chose simple outfits-- in one set, a white laced dress for Precious and a light pink polo top and black slacks for Ace. In another set, they wear dark gray and blue long sleeved tops. 

These color choices also reflect the times when we did our session. We photographed them during the day, and at dusk. 


From light to dark, from day to night, exposing the rawness of their emotions in the simplicity of our set-up. Our stripped down session all the more showed the couple as they are, loving and kind to each other. Even now, it is already evident-- she is in him as he is in hers. Their long journey as a couple has brought them to each other, to home.

 Photographed by Van Almeria  & Vincent Pagcoof The Walking Eyes. Specs \\ Nikon D610, 35mm 1.4, Nikon 50mm 1.8G


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