Friday, November 2, 2018

Comfort in Images of Dreams and Desire: Ronald and Des' Pre-Wedding Shoot { General Santos City }

With many Filipinos into overseas work, it is no longer a surprise for us to be covering several pre-wedding shoots of couples in long distance relationships. What surprises us instead is when couples living in other cities and countries fly in to Gensan, or fly us in to their city or country to get our services. You really warm our hearts and inspire us. Thank you for the trust.

Davao-born couple Nadessa and Ronald dreamed of better pastures and good lives. Two years ago, Nadessa left for the UK to work as a nurse. Ronald remained in Davao to work as an engineer.

Despite the distance, Des and Ronald remained steadfast in love, and after 3 years of being in a relationship, have finally decided to commit their lives to each other.

Ronald chose the concept for their pre-wedding shoot: a vintage picnic out in the fields. It's a toast to nostalgia, a celebration of the lives they are moving from, a last look at what they were as they look forward to what they are going to be and what they can be.

Our partner-in-crime Love x Metaphor made sure to capture these in their styling work for the photo session.

Des came home to live their dream couple photoshoot.

We did sessions in two locations from 6am to 9am only, because they had to go back to Davao City within the day.

The second location provided the breadth of space they needed to dream. The Ngilay shooting range is also home to herds of cows, we found grazing out in the golden fields of cogon grass.

We set up the picnic blanket and vintage memorabilias, and let Des and Ronald, relax and goof around with our props.

In one photo, they are shown holding film cameras, one for taking moving pictures, and another for still photographs. These gestures only mean to show their desires to preserve memories, more than ever, in images.

Our second location was in Woodbreeze where there were rows of trees ideal for forest bathing. Des in a floral dress, and Ronald in a blue polo shirt and khaki pants walked the paths in the middle of the trees, and relaxed under their shades with a vintage bike.

It was an ideal place to unwind and have intimate conversations.

While being physically distant is again imminent, there is great comfort to be had in staying in touch with the little moments that contain both their dreams and desires.

 Photographed by Van Almeria , Styled by Vna Routel , HMUA by Ralfa Makilala Valenzuela. Specs \\ Nikon D610, 35mm 1.4, Nikon 50mm 1.8G


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