Friday, October 5, 2018

Bridging the Distance: Albert and Jackie's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Miles, kilometers, meters, inches – that is how we measure distance.; or we look at the horizon until we can see no more – and we say “Oh, how far”; or we check maps, and trace the distance between countries with our fingers and hands. Geographical distance is ever present, but we find time to bridge it, because indeed, distance makes the heart grow fonder. That is the case for Albert, a seaman, and Jackie, a public high school teacher, who, despite being away from each other because of Albert's work, are tying the knot on October 8.

What time and distance can do to lovers is leave them yearning for each other. There is hardly distance between the couple in their photos. Each frame shows them link shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, holding hands--

In Southern Brew Cafe, our first location, where they smile confidently in each other's presence. One may wonder how those smiles had been in their first date together.

Time has worn down the awkwardness that even being in next location full of cows – certainly not a popular spot and circumstance for pre-nup shoot -- can be enjoyed by the couple.

Indeed, the couple's sense of fun was endearing.  We set up a picnic by the Diversion Road, where the couple posed as bookworms as if taking a brief break from reading their paperbacks, to give assured smiles to the camera, that indeed they are having a golden afternoon.

These photos do make us recall the days without the Internet, when we found it best to read a book outdoors, where the afternoon breeze blows.


We waited for the sunset in the Tambler horizon. Albert and Jackie slipped into formal clothing and was styled again to vintage perfection by Love x Metaphor. As the skies changed colors, the clouds turning up different shades of reds and pinks, the couple slid into each other, as if dancing.


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