Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Seasons of Change, Seasons of Growth: A Portrait of Hester in the Netherlands

This is Hester, a remarkable 94-year-old Dutch woman who lights up a room with her smile and stories. Living independently in her apartment, Hester embodies the spirit of resilience. Though her age might suggest a slowing down, her positive outlook and active spirit keep her going strong.

Despite living solo, Hester tackles her days with gusto - cooking, managing her home, and even taking care of grocery shopping! Her passion for life is infectious, and her love for sharing stories shines through.

As a photographer, I'm honored to capture her essence. This portrait transcends the walls of her room, aiming to become a lasting memory for Hester's family, a window into the remarkable woman she is. May her story, her smile, and her endless optimism continue to uplift all who encounter it.

I have been blessed with 94 years on this earth. Ninety years of deepening my roots, and of stretching my branches towards the sky. 

Every day, I look forward to waking up to the sun, to the faces of my loved ones. I have seen many season changes, and shed a handful of leaves and broken some branches throughout. But I persist. I have grown many rings in my heart, and my soul has weighed more with each passing decade. 

I have spent precious 51 years with my husband until his death. I continue to spend golden time with my children and granddaughter. I waste no time. I have all the time to receive love and give love. 
They say I have lived a fulfilled life. I say I have lived it to the best I can. I have all the time to grow still. There are more mornings to wake up to with my family. I have more sunrises and sunsets to see. 

Location: Netherlands


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