Sunday, August 16, 2020

An Adventure of a Lifetime: Andrew & Quennie's Pre-Wedding Session { T'boli & Koronadal City }

A riding adage goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together." 

We saw this reflected on Quennie and Andrew, a dynamic couple we photographed for their pre-wedding session in July this year. We rode with them and a bunch of creatives for video and styling, and a 16 outfit-wardrobe to four different locations of their choice in the region.  

The locations and outfits showed the couples different sides - their love for a laidback lifestyle spiced with a sense of adventure. These are seen in the couple's breezy set at The Farm in Carpenter Hill, as well as the motorcycle photo set shot in T'Boli with a picturesque view of the mountains topped with low-lying clouds. 

For Andrew who loved riding motorcycles, it was the cherry on top. It was also Quennie's favorite because they wore white as they would on their wedding day. The high point of the location also gave us enough wind power for Quennie's gown tail to flap in the air long enough for us to capture those gorgeous frames! 

Since we shot during MGCQ, we made sure to follow health and safety protocols. One of the sets in Koronadal even features the couple donning stylish PPE and posing in front of a graffiti wall in JC Avenue. 

Our exhilarating shoot almost clocked 24 hours, but resort manager Queenie and IT specialist Andrew showed up with every bit of energy with the support of their parents, friends, and staff. From the highways and mountains of T'Boli, Quennie and Andrew brought fun and endurance to another level. It was highly inspiring to watch a couple bring out the best in each other.

It is no surprise, however, that that is the case. Both are riding high in their lives. 

Queenie and Andrew are on an adventure together. They studied in the same elementary school but  were fated to meet only when they were stable in their careers and lives. After meeting a year ago through a common friend, sparks have flown fast. 

" We were both ready for a long lasting relationship. As clichΓ© as it sounds, I felt like our timing was really perfect.  That is why everything went by really fast for us because we were both ready for marriage. We were just waiting for each other," Quennie ruminates. 

For Andrew connecting online became his first course. He sent Quennie a friend request on Facebook, and after two days messaged her a courteous "Good morning". It would be the first of many good mornings. 

Andrew found himself sharing his thoughts openly to Quennie. Communicating openly continues to be Andrew's  endearing trait, among other things as Quennie enumerates:

"He loves his mom so much and is very sweet to her. He always considers my opinion before making a decision, even in little things. He is bold enough to lovingly correct me when he feels that I did something wrong."  

He's naturally the talker, but he also is at ease in listening well to his partner's opinions on things. Quennie is sharp on details and has a sense of humor that makes Andrew feel right at home. To Andrew, Quennie's sense of humor and intellect, along with her being God-fearing and her unconditional love for him gets him every time. 

What continues to impress Quennie  about Andrew is his guts. She fondly recalls his boldest act: "When he first sat beside me at church while we were still in courtship stage. It was also the first time my parents saw him. I saw bravery and boldness and that’s what makes it more memorable."

Like every couple, they have their misunderstandings, but they believe that "it's not waiting for the storms to pass; it's about about learning how to ride in the rain. Andrew credits their relationship with God as the strong foundation of their love. "We make God as our center in our relationship," Andrew says when asked how their love endures. He also credits communication and understanding as keys to their strong relationship. 

While looking at the photos we took of them, we were reminded of Andrew and Queenie's reflections on what they think of love is. "Love is when you always think and care to that person than yourself. It's a very selfless act," Andrew said. 

And Quennie related: "Love in our relationship is meeting halfway. We both have different hobbies and personalities. And not everything that has been happening to us is part of our plans. A lot has changed since COVID. And it wasn’t easy for us to adjust to a lot of things. But, because of our love for each other we always talk and reach  a mutual decision. It may always not be the most convenient, but it felt like that if we do things together, life is always better." 



Quennie and Andrew have a lifetime ahead to go. Loving can be an exhilarating ride, and the journey, with its twists and  turns, through smooth and dirt roads, bumps, potholes, and all, will surely be a way to discover more about themselves and about each other. There is much freedom as the will allows, but ultimately, there should also be the commitment to ride together. As they say, "No road is too long if you have good company." 


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