Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Building Pillars of Love: Bill and Mabel's Destination Pre-Wedding { Bukidnon }

In 2018, Bill met Mabel. Bill's sister was Mabel's colleague. After she introduced them, the two hit it off in online exchanges, and eventually to offline dates. It's been two years since the two have officially become a couple, and now they are ready to travel through a lifetime together.

We were lucky to be commissioned by the couple for their pre-wedding snaps in early January 2020. the Dahilayan Forest Park became the perfect backdrop for the laid-back couple. It was the location of their choice, and we had never shot in it before. It was also a good start for our New Year's resolution to never repeat a location outside of Gensan. One couple, one off-city location - a unique memory for every couple we photograph outside of our city.

The photoshoot may recall the couple's first date in Abu Dhabi, where they walked around in Corniche. Mabel recalls that it was the time when they got to know each other very well. "When we first met in person in Abu Dhabi and started to know him it’s like Cupid put an arrow to my heart." She asked herself then, "Is he the one I’m waiting for?" She adds, "For how many years of being NBSB 'No boyfriend since birth' I thought I would not find the love of my life and my forever...And then Bill John came and my life changes."

For Bill, Mabel's personality and attitude about things and life continues to draw him to her. And her eyes, windows to her soul, also brings comfort. If their love had endured, he points out, that it was because of understanding and communication. "Pillar kasi para sa akin [ng] love is supporting each other."

Mabel echoes, "Communication is one of the most important thing in a relationship. In the same place, trust and being understanding will make the relationship stronger."

The Dahilayan shoot was not without its little surprises. Mabel wounded her legs from the grass blades while they were walking in the hill. But it made for a romantic moment. Bill carried her on his back.

Actions like this reflects on Mabel's belief that, "Love cannot be seen or heard, but must be felt with the heart.  Ang pagmamahal ay nararamdaman at pinaparamdam."

Bill shares the depth of Mabel's understanding of what love is. "Love is kung nakita mo na iyong taong nakakaintindi sa 'yo at susuporta sa 'yo. Hindi man perfect pero alam mong tatanda kang masaya kasama siya."

Bill and Mabel are each other's pillars. When love is built on strong foundations as Bill and Mabel's, you know they got a lifetime of living in love. We wish the couple all the best in the world.


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