Thursday, July 2, 2020

Outdoor Love: Jan and Bam's Pre-Wedding Session { Kapatagan, Digos City}

We live with a lot of luck. Last year, we never thought we were lucky enough to have done the things we did. But reflecting on our lives now, how lucky were we then. We were lucky to have the opportunity to have met and photographed Bam and Jan for their pre-wedding session. We were lucky that we were free then to shoot outdoors.

We took a trip to Camp Sabros and spent an overnight for our shoot. It was cold rainy afternoon when we got there. We thought our plans had gone bust. But luck shone on us. The skies parted, and the sun peeked through as it started setting down. Bam, a teacher, and Jan, a policeman, let out their first burst of energy, as we shot through the last rays of sun. Bam, a former gymnast, showed her agility in a couple of frames.

We  photographed Bam and Jan from sunrise to evening. They slipped into their vintage garbs for a vintage-inspired shoot at the Camp Sabros cafe. Later in the evening, they warmed up at the bonfire.

We were lucky to have woken to clear skies the following morning. Bam and Jan met the sunrise in plain white shirts and blue jeans. Next, they were warm and cozy in their jackets and beanies,  walking and running down the path. We turned towards Mt. Apo, and were lucky to catch its peak cloudless.

We couldn't have been luckier. And Bam and Jan couldn't have been luckier to be with each other.


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