Thursday, May 28, 2020

What To Do When You Are Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

You just agreed to marry the person you want to grow old with. Everyone’s been greeting you with cheery, “Congratulations!” You’ve started budgeting, discussing with wedding planners, and informing families and friends. There’s pressure, excitement, and everything in between!

Then, without much warning, a pandemic hits the globe. It’s significantly affecting education, businesses, jobs, leisure, and homes. You may need to postpone the wedding.

What must you do now?

1. Stay calm. The last thing you need is panic. Stay relaxed and comfort each other. Use this time to examine your priorities, venue, number of guests, and others. Communicate with honesty and talk about your plans calmly.

2. Know your options. You can either: a) postpone to conduct your original plan; b) continue with a few guests; or c) have a virtual ceremony. Weigh the pros and cons before you settle with an option.

     a. Choosing the first option means you have to wait for situations to be normal–when it’s entirely safe for everyone to gather again, and when the economy is going back to the way it was.
     b. If you want the second option, you must follow proper social distancing–no buffets or crowded tables. Your local government can define the “few guests.” Consider these too: Older adults and children are usually prohibited from traveling, and those at higher risk need to wear a mask as a precaution. Would that be okay with you? Remember, everyone’s safety is your priority.
     c. Video conferencing apps make the third option possible. Most countries don’t consider online weddings official, so you have to do your research. This option will require a reliable internet connection and the necessary equipment. If the officiating minister cannot be present personally, ask if they permit a virtual setup.

3. Change the date. We suggest you wait for three months prior to the target date before you reschedule. Contact your wedding planner and suppliers before you finalize, because you have to consider their availability and the contract you’ve signed. If there are complications, talk it over with them.

4. Reconsider your venue. How is the pandemic affecting where you are now and the location of the wedding? Right now, it’s best to choose a domestic venue over an international one. Give thought to your honeymoon site as well.

These may be overwhelming, so take it slowly. If an issue is turning you against each other, pause. Enjoy the stage of planning (or replanning) as much as you can. Laugh, be patient, and stay hopeful. Your much-awaited ceremony can still be beautiful with the support of the people who love you. If rescheduling works best for you, so be it. Just because it’s delayed doesn’t mean the magic is lost. After overcoming this pandemic together, your “I Do” may be a lot more meaningful.


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