Saturday, February 1, 2020

Gift of Love: Anthony and Christine's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Over a year ago, Anthony met Christine. A common friend had introduced them and arranged a dinner for two at Cotton Bowl.

For Anthony, it was a long time coming. A seaman by profession, the distances and time his job takes him has given him little room to find a partner. Christine had been single for a while too, but with much enjoyment. Her career as an accountant gave her a satisfying life to live with family and friends. Love was always there. She spilled her thoughts to Anthony for an hour straight on their first dinner together to his amazement. He was charmed at the woman in front of him bursting with joie de vivre.

They exchanged numbers and added each other on Facebook. Anthony texted Christine, messaged her on FB. When he felt more confident, he would video call her. He invited her to climb Sanchez Peak, known for its overlooking view of General Santos City. During the climb, Christine admits, that it was the time she wished for Anthony to court her. Anthony says, it was as others said: One goes up single, and goes down in love.

A year into the relationship has never been easy for both Anthony and Christine. There's still the fact that they will have to endure the long distances in time and space. But they make up for distance with constant communication via video calls and texts. And when Anthony is on land, they spend quality time together through staycations. Anthony treasures the moments when Christine is just beside him watching TV or eating. Christine points out that despite them being different individuals, sometimes with differing perspectives in life, they still choose to love and understand each other. “As much as possible we never loose the communication in between (not the literal sense alone) we face each conflicts and situations, talk about it and find ways of compromise (almost in all circumstances),” says Christine.

Our pre-wedding photo session with them is a reflection on dualities and contrasts. We created sets that showed different sides of the couple – the romantic, the sensual, the playful, the adventurous, the reflective. 

We photographed them in indoor locations in Patria's. For our outdoor location, we chose our favorite sunset spot, Ngilay peak. Our partner stylist for the session, Memento Events, did an excellent in arranging the sets and curating the couple's wardrobes and accessories.

The Ngilay peak sunset session was the stuff of our dreams. Who wouldn't fall in love with seeing romantic stories unfold in beautiful sunsets?

We set up the pompas arch with a triangular frame on the spot where it can catch the sunset's rays. We waited for the skies to clear. Anthony and Christine were wearing wedding clothes, it seemed as if the actual wedding was taking place. When the clouds parted revealing the last light of the sunset, we took our fleeting chance, and shot the late golden hour photos of the couple. It was purely magical.

Christine hopes that the photos will be mementos they can pass on to their next generations. She says this knowing that they already have a little one coming - their gift of love. 

“Love for me is a gift. A present for me to open and enjoy. A gift that I have been praying for. A gift that I have patiently waited for. A gift I never doubted to be mine in His time. A gift that is not perfect as how I prayed for it but it suits me. A gift that maybe at times I will not have my full attention on but still it will just belong to me. A gift that will grow and prosper through the good times and the bad. A gift that I will sure keep through my lifetime and beyond,” Christine reflects.

Our last shot is Christine and Anthony standing under the arch in Ngilay at night, their bodies bathed in light, their eyes locked in tender gaze. This is  love made visible and tangible;  a comforting dream that has turned into reality; a gift that has been opened.


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