Thursday, November 21, 2019

Love is Resilient: Kim and Jade's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

This is a kind of love that remembers all of its moments, starting that fateful day in 2014 when the two met as Accountancy students. “First year siya noon, at fifth year ako,” Jade says. “After ng isang challenge (at a school event), I asked if OK lang ba sila.” He responded with a fake laugh that he was all right, even if it was obvious he was hurt. “That was our first moment.” And thus was their first shared memory. “Yung first conversation namin, five years na iyon, pero fresh na fresh pa rin sa akin—ang place, ang smile, at gestures niya at the time,” Jade says. “Schoolmate ko si Jade sa NDMU, same kami ng course, then naging headmaster ko siya sa Accountancy Week namin. Doon nagstart ang moments namin during the practices para sa preparation ng events,” Kim says. 

And the rest, as they say, is history, and the two find themselves deciding to say their “I do’s” to each other soon. Kim an insurance agent, and Jade, a government employee, have since earned each other’s love and devotion. “Kim is patient, understanding, kind, masipag, and full of dreams,” Jade says. “Very arisgado na maabot ang mga pangarap niya. He’s not afraid to fail, and is very optimistic, and funny,” she adds. “Of all of these things, ang pinakagusto ko ay yung pagiging optimistic niya.” Jade, on the other hand, is Kim’s inspiration. “She is smart, organized, competent, well-prepared, thoughtful, caring, and loving.” 

Over the years, the two have spent their time dreaming of a future of raising a family and running a business together. And over these years, the two have figured out how love endures through understanding and patience. “Love is being selfless and resilient. Together, we can overcome and endure all hardships and challenges of life,” Kim says.


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