Thursday, October 24, 2019

Aging Love Like Wine: Ian and Fritzie's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Love grows through time. It stretches like the sea. It stretches like the horizon. There are stories of love that endures, expands. Fritzie and Ian's are one of these stories.

Fritzie and Ian have known each other since elementary. Fritzie's teachers were Ian's mother and aunt. She would see Ian often because of that. He was two years older.

More than a decade later, Ian decided to ask Fritzie out on a date. But he went through her parents first. He remembers asking her parents for their first official date at the terminal in Norala. On Fritzie's 18th birthday, Ian fondly recalls meeting her in KCC, near the underwear section. In another mall, another time, when love has truly grown, Fritzie hands Ian a receipt from the takuyaki stand, with a "Yes" written on it.

Through time, and despite their busy schedules as teachers, Fritzie and Ian find ways to enjoy each other's company, watching movies together, island hopping with friends, and eating out.
Ten years and 9 months since, Fritzie and Ian are entering a new phase in their lives together: their marriage. How did their love endure?"I can't give the real answer how our love endured but I thank God for giving us endurance that inspite of every trial we were able to make it till now," muses Ian.

Fritzie opines: "I think the commitment on how to make things work for the both of us even if we're on LDR for the past 10 yrs, constant communication and simply being honest with each other."
We were lucky to witness this when Fritzie and Ian joined us for their pre-wedding shoot. Our first location was in the picturesque SAFI Paragliding spot in Sarangani. We were perched on top of the hill overlooking the plains that stretched towards the blue mountains.
Fritzie wore a red dress with a long red train, which we draped over the earth. Ian wore a black suit over a white polo shirt and black trousers. It was a rare occasion for them to be wearing formal clothes. It would have ended a disaster. But the couple carried it through, finding their bearings in front of the camera. It was too rare an opportunity to pass up, to be photographed in a location with stunning views.

"It was very exciting since it's a totally different experience for the both of us. The thought of it made us very anxious at first but since we've got the best team of photographers and videographers to make us feel at ease, I believe it was worth it," Fritzie beams.

After the SAFI shoot, we went down to the Pacman's beach resort, and went more casual. We photographed Fritzie and Ian frolicking in the shore, and reenacting their courtship at the cafe. We have photos for the ages. If someday, when they're older, when their marriage have aged like wine, Fritzie and Ian comes across their photos we took of them from those days, they'd remember their commitment, and how Fritzie articulates it: "For me love is unconditional. It knows no boundaries and it's a constant commitment to accept the best and the worst part of someone you truly love. It's a selfless act of always giving your best and wanting only the best for that person."


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