Friday, June 7, 2019

Laurence and Kristine's Anchor: A Pre-Wedding Session in General Santos City

Two years ago, Laurence and Kristine started their journey in the sea of love. Laurence, a seaman home, was taking care of her sick tita in the ER where Kristine was one of the on-duty nurses. It wasn't love at first sight, but a love that grew over time, from acquaintance, to friends, to lovers. Two years where love was learned and earned with patience and compromise.

To mark the occasion of their union in love, in law, and in the eyes of God, we took an afternoon roadtrip to Ngilay for a photo session. Road trips are one of the things the couple enjoys doing together.  When we got to Ngilay, the sun was beginning to set in the horizon.

For the first set, Laurence and Kristine opted for matching blue jean jackets and pants, and white shirts ensemble. The wide expanse of the rocky hills and grassland became a playground for Laurence and Kristine during the shoot. With the sun setting, the couple made the most out of the time enjoying the shoot. They were in their element -- laughing and giggling as they were piggyback-riding and holding each other as they walked.

We ended with a second set at the small ranch in Ngilay, with Laurence and Kristine donning more formal clothes. Kristine wore a blue halter gown while Laurence wore a white long sleeved polo shirt, black pants with suspenders, and a cap.

Looking back, we found Laurence and Kristine's presence calming. Perhaps this comes from seeing them comfortable in their own skins, and with each other, and these perhaps, from two years work of being together, and apart, working on their individual selves as they journey towards each other.

For Laurence, love needs to endure whatever the weather, and for Kristine, love is compromise.  At the sea of love, storms can brew, strong winds can blow, huge waves can toss one's ship. But with communication, trust, and loyalty, lovers can weather any storm.

In two years, grounding becomes a necessity. Laurence and Kristine have found this stability and strength in their relationship. With the sight of land, the anchor is put down, signalling the safe end of a long journey.


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