Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ride of a Lifetime: JP and Ar Gay's Pre-Wedding Session { General Santos City }

Love's not an easy ride. It's full of twists and turns, and sometimes, bumps and potholes. But the journey is what makes a rider. This is so for JP and Argay, an adventurous couple from Bukidnon.

JP's an online company multimedia editor and a motorbike enthusiast. Riding bikes gives him freedom, the release he yearns from a job that requires discipline as much as creativity. 

In the same company, Argay works as an accountant. She enjoys having joy rides with JP. 

JP chose the photoshoot concept for the 1st set where both he and Argay are bike riders on a road trip. We shot it in the Diversion Road at the airport that's on the way to the fishport road.

Styled by Vna Routel, Argay and JP wore the leather jackets as true blue riders do, and black pants. Argay's wardrobe was punctuated with black stilletos while JP wore biker boots.

After this first set, we went to Tambler, where the sun's ray peeking through the heavy gray clouds provided us a backdrop for a whimsical photoshoot. 

Argay wore a wreath of flowers and a flowing white gown while JP wore a grey vest over a white long-sleeved shirt, and grey trousers.

When it finally rained, we took several frames of the couple huddled under an umbrella.
Our next and final stop after Tambler was at Patria's Bed and Breakfast in downtown Gensan. The rustic and homey ambiance of Patria's lent a comfortable vibe to the shoot. We started with a more casual wardrobe, and playful concepts such as JP and Argay playing a game of chess against each other. 

JP wore a plaid shirt over a plain white shirt, khaki shorts, and light brown leather shoes, while Argay wore an eye-catching yellow layered laced dress. 


As the night wore on, we turned romantic, with JP and Argay dancing. There's no doubt to their chemistry. It is easy to imagine them living a quiet life as a couple. From the adventure of traveling, riding the highs and lows, JP and Argay have come home. In each other's arms, they are at home.


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