Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Of Love and Happily Ever After: Chris & Janine's Pre-Wedding Session { GenSan & Kalsangi }

To lose oneself in love is liberating and it is my privilege as a photographer to capture pre-wedding moments of couple like Janine and Chris who have grown their relationship from being officemates and decided to tie a knot.

We have been so enthralled by the candid movements of the couple that guiding them how to pose and what to do became easier. Expressions of love even with the way they gaze, smile and laugh at each other were so vivid and natural we didn’t get a chance to do alterations.

We took the first shot at a coffee shop with the backdrop of Bing Cariรฑo’s artworks. The hovering paintings embossed the couple’s connectedness in their calm and relaxing pose.

The second location was along Mabuhay diversion road catching the couple’s adventure in a Volkswagen car. Their effulgent smiles truly radiate fondness of each other’s company. And those carefree movements allow me to capture a photo that tells an exhilarating love story.

Then off we went to Kalsangi passing by DOLE pineapple plantation and pine trees. The space for creative expressions was vast and we were able to play with the sceneries. We took a wide angle shot of the couple in a thicket of pine trees, with lights coming from the spaces in between and the result was marvellous. The auroral light emanating from the smoke colored bombs was poetically surreal and suggested dawning, a new beginning.

In twilight, playing with lights while maintaining the romantic atmosphere was challenging yet fulfilling as we created an impressive output of Janine and Chris’ silhouette in their intimate moments.

We use less props and less direction for this shoot to emphasize artistic sceneries and the candid movements of the couple. The artworks, landscapes, sceneries, light and shadow were all gathered in a canvass of Janine and Chris’ affection towards each other that bears a love story that will surely be remembered.

Coordination by Events by Deanielle, Styled by Ms. Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor, HMUA by Scarlett Donovaghn, Photographed by Van Almeria of The Walking Eyes, Equipment used Nikon D610 and Sigma 35mm 1.4, Sony A7III, 55mm 1.8 Sony 


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