Sunday, November 14, 2021

Going New Places Together: Clovis & Joy's Pre-Wedding Session in Kapatagan

Five years is just the beginning for Joy and Clovis. They are going places together.

In the last five years they have endured life challenges together, including a long distance relationship, and high-pressure work in the medical field. But being together is their safe space – calls to comfort, hands to hold, hugs to heal. 

Why their love endures? 

“One thing that make our love endure is that we need to be connected and be updated always and to give our full trust to each other. Lastly forgiveness, our relationship is not perfect but we learned to forgive each other to whatever misunderstanding that we have in our relationship, “ Joy reflects.

Their love for her is never-ending, and she is committed to it for life. Clovis is too. If there is a symbol for their love, it would be the tulip for him – an undying, perfect, eternal love.

Their secret to a steady relationship? “Constant communication and openness,” he points out. No arguments are left hanging. Emotions are verbalized. 

In our photo shoot, their natural chemistry showed in every frame -their tender looks, their laughter, and the twinkle in their eyes.  

Love is constantly expressed in the minutiae of life. Joy and Clovis live love. They understand that when it is a tireless and selfless commitment, love grows and thrives.


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