Monday, October 18, 2021

Finding Love and Stability: Kim and Kate's Pre-Wedding Session in Glan, Sarangani Province

“Love is something we start to give and choose to keep.”

Nine years ago, Kim met Kate. There were schoolmates in high school. They texted each other throughout their teens. But it was only in college when they took their friendship a step further. They started dating. They’d spend time chilling in good ol’ Pahayahay. 

Nine years later, they are still the giggly lovers. They’ve learned to hold on to happy times and to prayer when things sometimes went south. Kate says their faith has kept them together through difficulties. Kim credits their mutual respect for each other as one of the pillars of their relationship.

Nine years onwards, they are a family with children whom they cherish as the symbols of their love. Their joys are simple: drinking, cooking, and eating together. They also enjoy being outdoors or spending time at the beach. 

They still recall their good times of living in Cebu. But nothing tops their wedding day as their most memorable day of cementing their commitment to love each other and grow old together. Still, their first shoot together as a couple before their wedding is something for the books. Since both enjoyed the session, despite the heavy rain in between. After all, the heavy rain clouds parted, giving way to the sun. It was perfect lighting for the couple as they played by the shore. The sun set perfectly over the horizon, as Kim and Kate walk hand in hand, each of their step secure and stable on the sand. 

Kim sums up their marriage with warm affection: “Love is what we are right now. We conquer it all. Through ups and downs love is all that matters, and lastly everything right now is love.”



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