Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ranch Near the Skies: JR & Carell's Pre-Wedding Session { Bukidnon }

Shooting pre-weddings has always been an adventure for us, especially when our clients choose outdoor locations.

One of the recent pre-wedding shoots we did for college sweethearts (who were my college schoolmates) took us to one of the most picturesque places in Bukidnon -the Impasug-ong Communal Ranch.

Located in Capitan Bayong in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, the communal ranch is a 30-minute ride from the Municipal Tree House, where we were staying in the municipality proper. We were told to travel to the location at dawn to catch the ranch’s thick fog at 6AM. At 5AM, we drove off to the location on a 4x4 wheel drive with our gears and a bag minimal wardrobe.

At the beginning of the ride, we traveled on cemented road, but as we went on higher elevation, our ride became bumpier and rougher as we rolled on dirt roads. As we went higher and higher, the expanse of the mountain ranges and gorges came into view. Thick fog rolled on the mountain peaks.

We passed by a habal-habal driver crossing a muddy puddle. Other guests and locals opt to take this staple ride. But the comboys, and this side of Bukidnon is filled with them, prefer the agile horse.

We arrived on the ranch to find thick fog hanging on the land. When it cleared up from the heat of the stronger sun, we saw a wide, sparse landscape of cogon grass and a few trees. The government-owned ranch, all 642 hectares of it, is essentially a grassland, ideal to grow herds of cows and a handful of horses.

We walked around to stretch our muscles, breathe in the crisp morning air, and inspect the location. Our car was parked right in front of the one of the only structures for kilometers-the ranch house. Made from stone, wood, and steel, it was a comforting sight in the vast grassland. It seemed a good place to spend the night, but we were advised by the management that the house had no electricity, and we would need thick comforters to keep warm. Nevertheless, it was ideal as location for our day shoot.

A few meters from the house is a large pond, which many refer to as a lake. But it wasn't connected to a river, so it maybe a huge hole that collected water overtime.

A few more meters down, and we were at one edge of the ranch. Down one gorge runs a river, snaking around the bottom of mountains.

It was a magnificent sight.

Indeed so magnificent, I still reel at the vividness of the memory of being in that special and surreal countryside. When I close my eyes, I can still see the fog kissing the ground. That vision and the consequences of our being there for the pre-nup shoot are both special, and unique. We may only be able to shoot it with the fortunate college sweethearts, whom our memories of the Impasug-ong Communal Ranch will forever be connected with.

If you are interested to visit the Impasug-ong Communal Ranch, contact the Municipal Office. We were allowed to do a photoshoot for 2k including horseback riding and access to the ranch house. We also only paid 3k for an overnight stay at the Municipal Tree Park duplex that's good for 7-10 pax. You can request for a heater and extra beddings, but you have to bring your own toiletries.


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