Friday, April 20, 2018

A Golden Home for your Photographs

Photographs are losing their tangibility. With the current technologies, more and more people prefer an upload in the social media sphere. Digital photography and the existence of memory cards with bigger storage capacity has made it easier for people to store large amounts without ever making physical copies of them.

We do otherwise. While we upload your photos online, we still think that photographs should be printed, held, and put in a special place in your house.

We are offering a new service of printing 11” x 17” inches copies of the best photos from your photo set, and serving them in minimalistic golden frames with 2 inches of matting on all sides.

We chose minimalistic framing to make the framed photographs ideal for any contemporary home. The frame only means to enhance the beauty of the photograph, and not to distract the viewer from it. Making the frames golden is our simple gesture of letting you know, that this photograph is special, and the memory of its creation, the time when this photograph was taken, needs to be remembered and cherished.

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