Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women In Photography

The number of female photographers is on the rise. It is not only the camera-toting men that you see making a flash nowadays. 

Being a female photographer has several advantages. In certain jobs, tasks, and duties, a female photographer’s opinion, depth, and perspective are preferred. 


Female photographers are more popular with jobs that are considered ‘intimate’. This comprises of jobs that include taking pictures of animals, newborn, older children, pregnant women, and family. 

A female photographer is also more welcome in ‘intimate’ affairs like wedding and baptismal events. 


Aside from their ‘intimate’ perspective, female photographers are also comfortable to work with. 

Some of the most intimate photographs in weddings happen during and after the event, including the ones that happen in the dressing room. In wedding events, the bride would always want a female photographer. 

A female photographer, for example, would know when the bride and bridesmaids want their photos taken, like when in act of make-up or dressing-up.
Female Instinct 
Female photographer also has the mother instinct. Whether they are mothers themselves or not, female photographers can get a baby cooing or pet dogs jumping for joy. They know the ways to capture great shots, great smiles, and confidence from their subjects.


Though women are gentle when it comes to their subject, they are also brutally honest.  They can be honest with their opinion, or they can honest on their photography.  They will capture your masks and emotions you did not know you have, and they will show them to you. 


Although female photographers take solemn shots, they are not afraid to take risks for those more adventurous shots. 

They will climb trees or mountains if they have to. They will crouch, lie down, or crawl through the mud if they must. Female photographers are audacious and courageous when needed.

Allow me to end this short article with some words from Photography Tuts Plus ," The story of women in photography has not yet reached its happy ending, but the plot is progressing on an optimistic note. Women photographers are still dramatically under-represented in the art world. While more women are working in fashion and commercial photography, men still out number and out earn the women. Women photojournalists are rare and we’ve only begun to think about the portrayal of women and women’s perspectives in photography. But partway through the story, we’re seeing signs that women are shaping photography for themselves.

Women are again–or still–the record keepers of our lives, photographing families’ important milestones, exposing social injustices often hidden behind politics and customs, and capturing the human story in inhumane circumstances. And women are finding a way to live their passion for photography in ways that suit them. In some ways, we women photographers have regained territory lost, but in regaining the territory, we’ve also made some strides forward. The retailers see us and women are supporting women to advance as professionals and enthusiasts. We still have work to do and more of the story to write, but we’re making it happen." ( )