Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pre-Debut Photo Shoot in General Santos City

Pre-debut rituals are a great opportunity to preserve moments into photographs. Some woman may never do some of things she once did as a child.

These can be captured through pre-debut photography. Debutantes around the world have followed the trend of commemorating their pre-debut through themed photographs. They choose themes that are close to their interests or fantasies.

With pre-debut photography, the debutante can show the world her blossoming identity and record it for posterity. 

Pre-debut photography services have also become a growing trend in General Santos City, with debutantes consciously making a choice to document their transition from teen to adulthood. 

Hyacinth Jan
Childhood Playthings

To mark the passing of times, set up a photo shoot where the girl is surrounded by her old childhood playthings.

A girl’s playthings can be her Barbie collections or her Gameboy devices. A plaything can also be any other dolls, board games, hopscotch, anything that the girl used to play. 

She can also be surrounded by the children’s books, DVD of children’s shows, posters of artists, or anything that she loved as a child.

Memorable Places

It is also a great idea to take her to places that she used to enjoy when she was a child. 

These places could be the park, indoor carousel, an old playground, or simply an empty lot where she used to play hide-and-seek. 

They could also be where the family usually gathered like an overlook restaurant, a family pool resort, or the nearby beach park. 

Photo Memes

You can also do photo shots that are now popular on the Internet where older selves wear an identical outfit as those of their younger self.

Princess Regina
A new internet sensation is Photoshopping the older self into an old photographs of themselves. 

These kinds of photograph technique are more fun and intimate.

Pre-debut Rituals

As part of the pre-debut album, it would be nice to include photos of the preparations that went with the occasion. 

Take photos of the subject in her dressing room. Include photos of her being applied makeup, her hair styled, her shoes and gown prepared, everything.

Group Photos

Before the girl is presented to the world and society, take photos with her friends, including the 18 roses and 18 candles. 

Most importantly, take photos of the girl with her family and relatives. After all, it would be the last photo she will have as a girl. The next photos in the ballroom would be her blossoming into a woman.

With pre-debut photography, the debutante can show the world her blossoming identity and record it for posterity. 

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